Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter Manufacturer in Pakistan

HFC stands out as a premier manufacturer of automotive filters, boasting two prominent filter brands: ZIX Performance Filters and ICON Economy Filters. These brands cater specifically to the high-quality and budget-conscious markets, offering a diverse range of over 600 distinct products. HFC proudly presents the most extensive selection of domestic and international lubricant, air, fuel, and transmission filters, alongside a range of industrial filters.

As a family-owned and debt-free enterprise, HFC is experiencing rapid growth and expansion. Our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation drives us to continuously explore new opportunities. Our recently redesigned packaging is visually striking, tailored to appeal to both workshop professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Furthermore, the inclusion of easily visible part numbers on five sides of the box enhances the convenience of identification. Some of the services we provide include are:

HFC Filter From Navico Tech

Quality Control

Customer Expeience

Top-tier components ensure optimal functionality, ensuring an enhanced user experience. Heightened satisfaction among users correlates directly with increased demand for the particular product in question.

Meet Requirements

Adhering to or surpassing OEM standards is imperative. Anything falling short of these requirements is unacceptable, given that replacement components not only impact vehicle performance but also affect the safety of operators, drivers, and passengers.

Manufacturer Reputation

In establishing quality control standards, it’s crucial to consider the manufacturer’s standing in the industry. Customers purchasing these filters may encounter dissatisfaction due to faulty components, which can tarnish the manufacturer’s reputation.


✅   Why Choose US?

Our skilled team is dedicated to crafting each component with precision to ensure the production of top-notch filters, all while prioritizing the requirements and preferences of our clients.

✅   Timely Delivery

In order to guarantee client contentment, we excel in delivering the necessary filters promptly, ensuring seamless service.

✅  High Quality Products

We uphold our commitment to delivering premium products by steadfastly refusing to compromise on quality in any aspect.

We are a family-operated enterprise, unburdened by debt, and established in 2014. Our manufacturing operations are based in Lahore.

Contact Info

Address : House No 290 Block 290, China scheme Bhogiwal Road China, Block C-1, scheme Lahore, 54000

Mobile: +92 300 5843824

E Mail: info@hfcfilter.com